• Car seats
  • Theatre chairs
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Safety helmet


Textile Bonding has a number of lamination machines including flame, wet adhesive & dry adhesive. Between these machines we are able to cover a wide range of applications from delicate to industrial and everything in between.

Textile Bonding’s lamination capabilities are not limited to fabric being laminated to foam. We are able to laminate a wide range of materials together for many applications and are happy to undertake trials for new products or applications if required.  If you have any queries about the possibilities please get in contact with our lamination team.

We currently provide to the following industries:

  • Automotive; softcovered upholstery, floor mats
  • Costume; foam laminated to fabric to create body in costumes
  • Footwear; Shoe insoles
  • Furniture; commercial & residential furniture
  • Interior Fitout; theatre seating, commercial screen partitions, acoustic panels, upholstery, wall panels 
  • Marine; wall panels & upholstery
  • Orthotics; body supports and brace wear 
  • Safety; lining for protective fire equipment & sport safety equipment components
  • Sports; helmet lining, sweat pads
  • Wall Coverings; screens, acoustic panels
Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Custom applications could be as varied as combining layers of foam & fabric for use in medical softgoods & orthotics to combining fabric, foam & PVC for use in gaming tables. We hold a range of fabric & foam in stock and we are also...
Product Development

Product Development

We have produced both commercial underfloor insulation and residential underfloor insulation as a special order for a customer.  The commercial underlay was intended for use under timber flooring & laminates, it was a tri layer laminate including ...